Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the Pastamore family? [Back to Top]
To become a distributor, contact Deedee Lindenbaum at, or call DeeDee @ 720.748.2448.

How do I use white balsamic vinegar? [Back to Top]

Use White Balsamic Vinegar in salads and white sauces, on fish, vegetables or french fries or in any dish where the taste of balsamic vinegar is desired, minus the color.

How would heat affect your products? [Back to Top]
It depends upon how high and for what period of time; however, even if the product should reach a temperature of 90 degrees or above, for several days, it will not be harmful. Exposure to high heat for several days could diminish the flavors; especially those of White Truffle, Garlic and Meyer Lemon.

What is the shelf life of Pastamore products? [Back to Top]
If kept at room temperature, it is 24 months.

What is white balsamic vinegar? [Back to Top]

We perceived the need for a Balsamic Vinegar with all of its unique notes, nuances and complexities, but with the added property of not discoloring salads and white meats. The closest analogy would be red wine versus white wine. Each one has a character that reflects its food dish. White Balsamic was created due to the realization that the color of the traditional Balsamic Vinegars tended to dominate more delicate dishes. White Balsamic Vinegar provides the velvety tartness associated with balsamic vinegar with the added benefit of a clean, light appearance. The mouth feel is smooth, energetic and light. One taste and the difference will be clear.

What would happen to the products if shipped/delivered and exposed to an extremely cold outside temperature? What would be the effect of freezing and subsequent thawing? Would the integrity of the products be compromised? [Back to Top]

The only products you may have a problem with would be the Oils.  Sometimes, depending upon the length of exposure to freezing temperatures, the Oils can get cloudy or thick.  The majority of the time, however, once the Oils are at room temperature or warmed for a few days they return to normal.  In a few cases, the Oil can remain cloudy, but that is not typical and doesn't affect taste or purity, only aesthetics.