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Hummus can either be delicious or a big bore.  Garbanzo beans (chickpeas) easily accept any flavor profile that you throw at them.  Having a plain tasting hummus is only the fault of the person making it, and it can easily be spiced up to suit any taste or type of cuisine.  Either as a snack or an appetizer, hummus can be a light and delicious treat.

This recipe utilizes fresh lemon, fresh mint, garbanzo beans, and Pastamore Meyer Lemon Oil The flavors in this hummus are light and fresh, and would make a great start to a variety of meals.  This hummus is simple and easy to make, and only requires the use of a food processor.


1 can - garbanzo beans, drained
8-12 leaves - fresh mint
1 Tbsp - Pastamore Meyer Lemon Oil
1 clove - garlic
1-2 tsp - fresh lemon juice
Zest - of 1/2 lemon
To taste - salt and white pepper (black acceptable)


1.  Place the drained beans and all ingredients except the oil into the food processor.

2.  Place the top on the food processor and turn on.  Through the top of the food processor slowly drizzle in the Pastamore Meyer Lemon Oil.  Blend until the oil is fully incorporated and all of the ingredients are smooth.

3.  Season with salt and pepper.  If the hummus is too thick, water can be added and processed until thoroughly incorporated.

4.  Serve with warm or grilled pita or flat bread.



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