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On a hot summer's day, a creamy sauce for pasta doesn't sound too appetizing.  However, as we get deeper into fall and closer to winter, a nice hearty cream sauce sounds delicious.  This is a quick and easy sauce to make, and won't make you go through the trouble of making a roux or using heavy cream.

This recipe uses our gluten-free Pastamore Sweet Potato Fettuccine, but the regular Pastamore Sweet Potato Fettuccine can be substituted.  This recipe also features pistachios, but walnuts or pecans are an appropriate substitution.  If calories are a concern, the regular cream cheese can be substituted for low-fat cream cheese.  Or the recipe can be enjoyed just the way it is!


Servings - 3-4

1 12 oz package - Pastamore Sweet Potato Fettuccine
3 oz - cream cheese
3 oz - pistachios
6-8 oz water
To taste - salt and black pepper


1.  Place a large pot of water (minimum 1 gallon) on the stove over high heat.  Bring to a boil.  Once boiling, add the gluten-free Pastamore Sweet Pasta.  Cook under the desired tenderness has been reached.  Remove from the pot and drain using a colander.  Rinse thoroughly.

2.  Remove the pistachios from the shell and place to the side.

3.  Return the pasta to the pot over medium-low/medium heat.  Add the cream cheese, water, and pistachios.  Mix until a saucy consistency has been reached.  Reduce until the desired thickness has been reached.

4.  Serve immediately and enjoy!


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