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Recipe Main Cat | Rosemary Pear Biscuits

Makes 4 -6 Biscuits

1.25 cups - all purpose flour
1 tsp - salt
2 tsp - baking powder
2 tsp - sugar .5 cup - milk
2.5 Tbsp - butter
2 Tbsp - Pastamore Rosemary with Roasted Garlic Dipping Oil
1 large - Bartlett pear


1. Preheat oven to 425°F.

2. Rinse and pears and remove cores. Dice into 1/2" x 1/2" pieces. Place to the side.

3. Combine dry ingredients into a large mixing bowl. Whisk well. Cut in butter until mixture resembles gravel. Add milk, pears, and Pastamore Rosemary with Roasted Garlic Dipping Oil and mix until dough pulls from sides of bowl.

4. Place the dough onto a flour airfare and knead approximately 15 times. Pat down until dough is 1" thick. Use a floured cutter or glass to cut rounds. Form remaining dough into 1" thick piece and cut additional pieces.

5. Place the biscuits onto an ungreased baking dish or cooking stone. Cook for 12-16 minutes.

6. Brush the remaining Pastamore Rosemary with Roasted Garlic Dipping Oil onto the top of the biscuits.




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