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With the holidays in full swing, there are parties to host and attend. If you are looking for a quick, simple, delicious dessert recipe then you are in the right place. This recipe utilizes fresh berries, vanilla cookies, Pastamore White Balsamic Vinegar with Pear, and Pastamore Fig Balsamic Vinegar.

The cookie for this recipe is fairly important, so the proper cookie should be chosen for the application. A regular vanilla wafer from the store probably isn't going to cut it. The flavor and texture of those wafers are poor, and it is a shame to call them cookies. I personally used Back to Nature Madagascar Vanilla Cookies, but it is also possible to make your own from scratch. I won't pretend like I am a master cookie maker, but I can tell you that Alton Brown has a great recipe for vanilla wafers at foodnetwork.com.


8 oz - mascarpone fresca
3 Tbsp - honey (agave acceptable)
1 box - Back to Nature Madagascar Vanilla Cookies (or 4 dozen small vanilla cookies)
6 oz - fresh blackberries
4 oz - fresh raspberries
2 Tbsp - Pastamore White Balsamic Vinegar with Pear
1 Tbsp - sugar
3 oz - Pastamore Fig Balsamic Vinegar


1. Chop the blackberries and raspberries into small pieces and place into a medium sized bowl. Add the Pastamore White Balsamic Vinegar with Pear and the sugar. Mix well.

2. Remove the marscapone from the container and place into a small bowl. Add the honey and stir until mixed well. Place the marscapone into a sandwich sized zip top bag.

3. Plate the cookies. Cut a 1/4" hole into the corner of the plastic bag (turning it into a pastry bag). Pipe the marscapone on top of the cookies. Using a spoon, ladle the berry mixture on top of the marscapone (be careful not to spoon on too much or it will run off the cookie). Using a separate spoon, drizzle the fig balsamic vinegar over the top of the plate.

Plating is best done when the berries and marscapone are very cold. If they are too warm they will have a tendency to spill off of the cookie. If they are to be served later, place them into the refrigerator. This dessert is small, but it packs a flavorful punch.





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